What We Do
Out to Pasture Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit farmed animal sanctuary. We provide a loving, forever home to abused, neglected, or abandoned animals including farmed animals, rescued laboratory animals, and cats and dogs.

We work with the Northwest Miniature Pig Association to provide shelter and care for unwanted pot bellied pigs.

We work with animal welfare groups such as the NW In Defense of Animals to investigate reports of animal neglect in Clackamas County.

We promote the sanctity of life for of all animals and advocate for an end to all forms of animals abuse through public education including leafleting, tabling, and articles in the Portland area. We promote a vegan lifestyle for reasons of ethics, compassion, health, and the environment.

Volunteers are invited to participate in workdays scheduled through out the year at the sanctuary.

*We are unable to take in any more roosters at this time.*
Who We Are
As a child, Kit cared for goats, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens and a cow on her parents’
farm. Witnessing the slaughter of numerous farm animals made her question the
necessity of killing and eating her animal friends.

Years later, when Kit’s older brother returned from Vietnam as a vegetarian, he vowed never to participate in the killing of anything, human or animal. Impressed, Kit went vegetarian in 1976 and vegan in 2000.

In high school John read Henry David Thoreau’s story of planting extra rows of plants in his garden for the animals to eat. While other farmers chose to shoot the deer and rabbits that invaded their gardens, Thoreau chose compassion over cruelty.

Several years later in 1970 watching a fish he had caught dying in the boat forced John to confront the reality of killing an animal and turned him into a vegetarian (and later vegan).

At Out to Pasture we believe in choosing compassion over cruelty. Animals value their lives as we value our own and deserve to live free of exploitation and suffering.

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